Adrienne Dickerson

President & CEO

What is industrial and systems engineering?

The basic concept is simple: Decrease variation by standardizing your processes and improved quality will result.

Many of the tools we use are familiar only as buzz words used by consulting groups such as Lean and Six Sigma. 

These are frameworks within which companies have applied Industrial Engineering tools to create a culture of change and efficiency by making quality and customer satisfaction the responsibility of every employee from CEO to assembly line worker. 

​Many of the same principles can apply in healthcare. Every staff member, whether nurse or registrar, is responsible for ensuring quality and satisfaction for all customers (internal and external).

About cadence health

Cadence Health is focused on improving all aspects of the healthcare continuum. Our methodologies target the concept of creating sustainable change from within by training and using your staff and managers as the "process experts."

Cadence Health was founded by Adrienne Dickerson. Adrienne has extensive experience in hospital operations including patient throughput, managed care contracting, revenue cycle, IT implementation, decision support, and facility-wide process improvement.  She spent 5 years at VHA Georgia and was responsible for leading improvement efforts at over 40 member hospitals. Additionally, Adrienne worked for several years on the IT Vendor side of health care designing and implementing patient flow software. 

Adrienne graduated with honors from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s of Industrial Engineering and a Master’s of Science in Health Systems. She was on the board of the GA HIMSS Chapter for 9 years, is a Senior member of the Institute for Industrial Engineers (IIE), and a Dimplomate with the Society for Health Systems (SHS).  

Adrienne is also affiliated with the following consulting groups:
IIE Solutions (a subsidiary of the Institute of Industrial Engineers) 
Galloway Consulting



Hospitals have historically not taken advantage of the efficiency to be gained through application of time-tested engineering analysis to work flows and processes. Even basic industrial engineering tools are unfamiliar to most healthcare providers -- especially at the staff and manager level where they are the most useful. We offer several approaches and invite you to explore our website to learn what we can do for your organization.

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