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Data & Analytics

Do your managers understand how to use data on a daily basis? Chances are they don't. Most health care professionals have little experience or training when it comes to using statistics and productivity information.

Cadence Health has a proven track record of working with hospital staff to turn meaningless numbers into useful information for proactive management.

Data and reports should be simple, concise, and easy to create and access.  Current Business Intelligence tools you already have (Excel, Power Pivot, Power Graphics) make it easier than ever to build a data interface and allow users to drill into what matters to them with minimal experience, training, or expense.


The most important project work begins long before you install the first piece of software or implement a new system/process. Many facilities forget that new systems bring new opportunities to ask old questions: Why do we do things this way? What could we improve? In an ideal world, how would this process work?

​Scientifically analyzing and eliminating waste from your current processes before you tie them to a new system is the only way to maximize your new investment.  We also work with you to make sure you implement the complete functionality of the system as needed.
​Past projects include:
patient throughput, OR & ED efficiency, productivity, patient satisfaction, revenue cycle, ​etc.

Train with Cadence

Cadence has a wide range of topics, case studies, and real-life examples -- all designed to give clinical and ancillary directors the confidence they need to manage staff, contain supply expenses, and participate in the quality and productivity performance improvement projects demanded by today's competitive health care needs.

We have pre-developed curicula or we can customize to meet your needs. The following is a sampling of topics:

  • Lean
  • Six Sigma
  • Process Improvement
  • Statistics/Control Charts
  • Engineering in Healthcare
  • ​Patient Throughput